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Hello, welcome to my website. You're probably here, because you've recognised that you would like or need to make some positive changes in your life.  Recognising this, is the first step.  But you may still be wondering about Cognitive Hypnotherapy or indeed if I am the right Therapist for you? With this in mind, I offer a free twenty minute (video or phone call) consultation.  A frequently asked question is, how many sessions will you need?  My answer to that is, although we are all different, we will be led by your progress. I have full confidence in you being able to recognise those positive changes in yourself.  I don't ask my Clients to block book sessions in advance.

So why not take that second step closer towards making that positive change and get in touch for your free consultation. There won't be obligation or a sales pitch. Just a chance to find out how I may be able to help you. 




CM, Columbia

Wow, my life has changed.  I feel so much better in my own skin, it's wonderful. I cannot thank you enough, you've obviously had such a positive impact on my life.

Anon. Aberdeenshire

I found your whole approach to be very professional and supportive.  I felt heard and not judged. The pace used suited me and help me feel in control of my engagement with the therapy. I couldn't recommend you more highly.

LA, Aberdeenshire

Thank you, it has really made such a difference in me as a person. Been keeping up with the techniques you showed me, they really help.  

I welcome working with people of all ages and backgrounds.  Helping with the following:



                    Confidence/Self Esteem

                    Fears or Phobias


                    Pain management

The list really is endless.  Seeking professional help is the the first step towards positive change.  Please get in touch to have a chat about your issue.

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