Carolina A, Aberdeenshire.

I've had 2 sessions with Mandy and she is great at what she does. Very trusting and approachable. I feel she is really helping me find my way to getting rid of my fears and anxieties. Definitely recommend.


Carolina A, Aberdeenshire.



"What a fantastic result I have had for in a very short time I am Tinnitus free during the night and back to enjoying a good night’s sleep. It is simply wonderful

I am very much indebted to the understanding, the professionalism, and the skill of my therapist Mandy who helped me control my problem with Tinnitus."

Chris C, Cumbria.

".....after a long process of trying to conceive and extremely traumatic few months, I felt as if I'd lost part of myself." "A friend told me about Cognitive Hypnotherapy...." " Mandy is warm, kind and genuine, with a natural ability to make me feel comfortable talking about a difficult subject...".."I felt noticeably "lighter" afterwards. I recognized my anxiety was born over a complete lack of control over my situation and found it was possible to rationalize my feelings again. Just two months later I was pregnant again and am now a proud Mummy. I am confident that Cognitive Hypnotherapy played a part in a mental and physical reset."


                                                                  V.  United Arab Emirates.       

"I have had a difficult relationship with food my entire adult life.  For quite some time now, I felt like I was losing control and it was beginning to effect other parts of my life, not to mention my physical well being..." "After just a couple of Sessions with Mandy, (which honestly felt like relaxed conversations between two friends) I cannot believe the difference it has made..." "I am amazed at how my thought process has changed and altered those eating habits I used to think of as uncontrollable. I am consumed with positivity and it is radiating into every aspect of my life!"

     LK,  Aberdeenshire. 

"I just wanted to say thank you to Mandy. I have suffered all my life with low self esteem and jealousy issues in my relationships. I felt completely at ease with Mandy, she has the ability to make you feel so relaxed. We talked and Mandy gave me a way to deal with my jealousy. I couldn't actually believe that this could work. But it did. I will be always very grateful. Thank you Mandy."

Jo M, London.

"Definitely feel like I've made a lot of progress personally with optimism, thoughts and needless worry etc." "The simplest of things but listening to the recordings, thinking about my interactions with others, definitely helps reinstall or refocus a sense of clarity or more at ease anyway"

"Thanks again!"


                             CR, Dublin